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Im back in Alaska, and am very excited to announce that Ive teamed up with Schaefer Mueller to provide you with Top Notch Music.

January 1st (Wed) Available!
January 2nd (Thu) Available!
January 3rd (Fri) Available!
January 3rd (Fri) Available!
January 4th (Sat) Available!
January 5th (Sun) Available!
January 6th (Mon) Available!
January 7th (Tue) Available!
January 8th (Wed) Available!
January 9th (Thu) Available!
January 10th (Fri) Available!
January 11th (Sat) 8 to 12 907 Alehouse with Schaefer Mueller
January 12th (Sun) Available!
January 13th (Mon) Available!
January 14th (Tue) Available!
January 15th (Wed) Available!
January 16th (Thu) Available!
January 17th (Fri) 8 to 11 Matanuska Brewing Company (Downtown) with Schaefer Mueller
January 18th (Sat) Available!
January 19th (Sun) Available!
January 20th (Mon) Available!
January 21st (Tue) Available!
January 22nd (Wed) Available!
January 23rd (Thu) Available!
January 24th (Fri) Available!
January 25th (Sat) Available!
January 26th (Sun) Available!
January 27th (Mon) Available!
January 28th (Tue) Available!
January 29th (Wed) Available!
January 30th (Thu) Available!
January 31st (Fri) Available!
February 1st (Sat) 430 to 7 Alaska Outdoor Council Annual Party (Sheraton Hotel) with Schaefer Mueller
February 1st (Sat) 8 to 12 907 Alehouse with Schaefer Mueller
February 2nd (Sun) Available!
February 3rd (Mon) Available!
February 4th (Tue) Available
February 5th (Wed) Available!
February 6th (Thu) 8 to 12 Humpys Great Alaskan Alehouse with Schaefer Mueller
February 7th (Fri) Available!
February 8th (Sat) Available!
February 9th (Sun) Available!
February 10th (Mon) Available!
February 11th (Tue) Available!
February 12th (Wed) Available!
February 13th (Thu) Available!
February 14th (Fri) 8 to 11 Matanuska Brewing Company (Downtown) with Schaefer Mueller
February 15th (Sat) 930 to 130 The Fairview Inn (Talkeetna) with Schaefer Mueller
February 16th (Sun) Available!
February 17th (Mon) Available!
February 18th (Tue) Available!
February 19th (Wed) Schaefer unavailable
February 20th (Thu) Available!
February 21st (Fri) 7 to 10 Matanuska Brewing Company (Eagle River) with Schaefer Mueller
February 22nd (Sat) 930 to 130 The Fairview Inn (Talkeetna) with Schaefer Mueller
February 23rd (Sun) Available!
February 24th (Mon) Available!
February 25th (Tue) Available!
February 26th (Wed) Available!
February 27th (Thu) Available!
February 28th (Fri) 430 to 7 Safari Club International (Alaska Charter) 44th Hunting Expo & Banquet with Schaefer Mueller
February 29th (Sat) Available!
March 1st (Sun) Available!
March 2nd (Mon) Available
March 3rd (Tue) Available!
March 4th (Wed) Available!
March 5th (Thu) Available!
March 6th (Fri) Available!
March 7th (Sat) Schaefer unavailable
March 8th (Sun) Available!
March 9th (Mon) Available!
March 10th (Tue) Available!
March 11th (Wed) Available!
March 12th (Thu) Available!
March 13th (Fri) Schaefer unavailable
March 14th (Sat) Schaefer unavailable
March 15th (Sun) Available!
March 16th (Mon) Available!
March 17th (Tue) Available!
March 17th (Tue) Available!
March 18th (Wed) Available!
March 19th (Thu) Available!
March 20th (Fri) 830 to 1130 Garcias Cantina & Cafe (Eagle River) with Schaefer Mueller
March 21st (Sat) Available!
March 22nd (Sun) Available!
March 23rd (Mon) Available!
March 24th (Tue) Available!
March 25th (Wed) Available!
March 26th (Thu) Available!
March 27th (Fri) Available!
March 28th (Sat) Available!
March 29th (Sun) Available!
March 30th (Mon) Available!
March 31st (Tue) Available!
April 1st (Wed) Available!
April 2nd (Thu) Schaefer unavailable
April 3rd (Fri) Schaefer unavailable
April 4th (Sat) Schaefer unavailable
April 5th (Sun) Schaefer unavailable
April 6th (Mon) Available!
April 7th (Tue) Available!
April 8th (Wed) Available!
April 9th (Thu) 1030 to 200 Chair 5s Live at the Dive with Schaefer Mueller
April 10th (Fri) Available!
April 11th (Sat) 8 to 12 907 Alehouse with Schaefer Mueller
April 12th (Sun) Available!
April 13th (Mon) Available!
April 14th (Tue) Available!
April 15th (Wed) Available!
April 16th (Thu) Available!
April 17th (Fri) Available!
April 18th (Sat) Available!
April 19th (Sun) Available!
April 20th (Mon) Available!
April 21st (Tue) Available!
April 22nd (Wed) Available!
April 23rd (Thu) Available!
April 24th (Fri) Available!
April 25th (Sat) Available!
April 26th (Sun) Available!
April 27th (Mon) Available!
April 28th (Tue) Available!
April 29th (Wed) Available!
April 30th (Thu) Available!
May 1st (Fri) Available!
May 2nd (Sat) Available!
May 3rd (Sun) Available!
May 4th (Mon) Available!
May 5th (Tue) Available!
May 6th (Wed) Available!
May 7th (Thu) Available!
May 8th (Fri) Available!
May 9th (Sat) Available!
May 10th (Sun) Available!
May 11th (Mon) Available!
May 12th (Tue) Available!
May 13th (Wed) Available!
May 14th (Thu) Available!
May 15th (Fri) Available!
May 16th (Sat) Available!
May 17th (Sun) Available!
May 18th (Mon) Available!
May 19th (Tue) Available!
May 20th (Wed) Available!
May 21st (Thu) Available!
May 22nd (Fri) 8 to 12 The Linwood Bar & Grill (Seldovia) with Schaefer Mueller
May 23rd (Sat) 8 to 12 The Linwood Bar & Grill (Seldovia) with Schaefer Mueller
May 24th (Sun) Available!
May 25th (Mon) Available!
May 26th (Tue) Available!
May 27th (Wed) Available!
May 28th (Thu) Available!
May 29th (Fri) Available!
May 30th (Sat) Available!
May 31st (Sun) Available!

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